I create stories I want to read. And I read stories that fuel my sense of life. This includes the sci-fi and fantasy epics about heroic individuals. I read and write sci-fi/fantasy or any other genre not to escape reality and life but to celebrate it. To experience grand-scale ideas and human values brought to life with colorful imagination!

Sci-Fi Fantasy Author, Artist, PhD Dropout

Apart from reading, writing and nerding out about sci-fi and fantasy stories, I like travelling with my favorite person, painting landscapes and designing book covers.

Nerd Fact: I hold two Masters degrees in the sciences – Master of Science in Mathematics (from Fiji) and Master of Philosophy in Physics (from New Zealand). In 2017, I dropped out of a PhD program to dedicate more time to art and writing.

I love science and you will see this reflected in my writing and the fact that I help out on my husband’s philosophy of science blog, but as a career, academia was the wrong direction for me. I’m glad that one day I had the much needed nervous breakdown to quit my PhD. Nervous breakdowns are useful when they give you the courage to change direction.

My husband and I co-founded an indie-publishing company (Polymetis Press) which, so far and for the foreseeable future, publishes our own books.

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Ash’s quotes

“The writer who develops a beautiful style, but has nothing to say, represents a kind of arrested esthetic development; he is like a pianist who acquires a brilliant technique by playing finger-exercises, but never gives a concert.”— Ayn Rand