Fantasy Author

Philosopher Rebel

& Phd Dropout

Hi! I’m Ash Davies. I write science fiction and fantasy with strong leads, heroic adventures and epic love stories.

I read and write fantasy not to escape the real world, but to experience it in a richer, more poetic form. Above all else, my stories are about love, life and the pursuit of values.


In 2017, I dropped out of the PhD program in Astrophysics to pursue the love of writing.

I will always love the sciences and you will see it reflected in my writing but as a career, academia was the wrong direction for me. I’m glad that one day I had the much needed nervous breakdown to quit my PhD. Nervous breakdowns are useful when they give you the courage to change direction.

I have had many stumbles along the way. I still face the many struggles that come with being an indie author but it is a joyful struggle fueled by purpose.

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Some of my favorite quotes

The method of romantic realism is to make life more beautiful and interesting than it actually is, yet give it all the reality, and even a more convincing reality than that of our everyday existence. (Ayn Rand)

To be the kind of writer you want to be, you must first be the kind of thinker you want to be. (Ayn Rand)

Some of my favorite fiction books

Some of my favorite non-fiction books

Some Q&A

What’s your biggest fear?

My greatest fear is that I won’t have enough time to write all the stories I want to tell. That I won’t make a living doing what I love, always stuck in a day job, limiting my creative output.

When did you start writing?

I started writing stories well before then, in my adolescence, but it wasn’t until I read Ayn Rand’s fiction that my love for literature and aspiration to create such beauty took a hold of me.

I have been writing since then, sporadically at first, part-time now and hopefully full-time one day soon.

What’s your writing process?

I plan, outline and then I plan some more. I must have details of my story outlined and even fleshed out before I can let the words flow.

When I am not writing?

I enjoy reading, watching movies & TV shows with my husband while devouring delicious food.

When are some of your other creative projects?

Painting landscapes and digitally illustrating comics and book cover art.

Who do you publish with?

Polymetis Press, an indie publishing imprint co-founded by myself and my husband. We do what we can and we hire freelancers for what we can not do ourselves.

Indie publishing means independence, creative control and the publishing rights to my own books to do with what I want.

What do you really struggle with?

Getting started, and once started, I struggle with having to stop.

Some of my favorite fantasy TV shows