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Would you open Pandora’s box?

Eerie voices fill Amelia’s head as an archaeological dig in Athens unearths a sinister entity contained within a chest. She must open the chest to preserve her sanity. But at what cost?

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Chills zipped down Amelia’s spine. She snapped her head around, expecting someone to be standing right behind her, looking over her shoulder and whispering in her ear. No one was there. The rest of her colleagues were gone and the excavation site was deserted.

Do not open, Ameliaaaaa…

The voice stopped her in her tracks — an alien, raspy voice that made the hairs on her nape stand and her heart pound. Maybe it was one of her colleagues who had remained behind to prank her. She wished. But the voices came from beneath the ground, beneath the square trench she herself had dug.

She froze on the spot, unable to calm her pounding heart. After a few moments of deep breathing, she took a hesitant step towards the trench, trowel and brush grasped tightly in her dainty hand.

She admonished herself — she was a scientist and needed to pull herself together. Gulping down her uncertainty, she knelt and continued digging where the radar had found something.

The voice was more intense this time, a warning but simulatneously a lure compelling her to know, to solve the mystery. Amelia brushed a lock of short curly hair off her face with the back of her hand, leaving a trail of dust smudged on her high cheeks.

Do not open, Ameliaaaaa… A ghostly snicker followed the drawling whisper.

Amelia’s brows snapped into a frown and a gasp escaped her lips at what followed next — a solemn voice.

It’s a trap. Mind games appealing to the rebel and curiosity within you. Do not give in to their taunt and reverse psychology. Do not open it.

Her trowel clanged on something metallic. She ditched the trowel and plowed with her hands. She clawed into the hole as hard as she could, the mound of dirt beside her growing.

As she brushed grit and dust off the surface of the artifact, intricate glyphs surfaced, which she recognized as ancient Greek. This did not astonish her as she was digging in Athens. They cautioned just as the sinister voice had done.


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