Future Membership Plan

Membership Impact

I want my stories to reach as many readers as possible and to create a community of readers based on trust and mutual values. I ask that if you regularly enjoy my stories, please consider contributing to help me keep going.

Your tips and membership contributions go towards my indie authorpreneur business costs involved with research, writing, editing, formatting, book cover design, publishing and marketing.

Recurring, regular contributions of Members allows me to plan, write and publish long-range, to focus on creating my best stories rather the worrying about how the next bill will be paid. It allows me to publish all my works independently and retain all my author rights and creative control to do more with my creations.

Hence, I am pleased to offer exclusive benefits to Members as tokens of my appreciation.

Membership Benefits


Full Access to Short Stories

How Are the Short Stories Delivered?

As a member you will be the first one to receive every single short story (free and paid ones) in your email inbox as soon as they are published. You can choose how you want to read them:

  • As an eBook on your personal reading device (Kindles, Kobos, Nooks) delivered via Bookfunnel eBook delivery.
  • As a beautifully formatted pdf.
  • On the website, you’ll be able to login to access the paid short stories.
  • Directly in the email.

Goals and Related Future Benefits

Once I have around 50 subscribers I will introduce added benefits such as

  • Exclusive Access to Serialization of my Ongoing Debut Novel
  • Discord Secret Club – Creation and access to a private member-only Discord community.