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For an indie-author like myself, getting stories out there can involve hundreds of hours of research, writing, editing, formatting, bookcover design, publishing and marketing.

I will continue publishing a lot of my short stories as freebies which you can read upfront on my website or other platforms such as Reedsy and Vocal.

If you find value in the freely available content on a regular basis and would like access to more content and other perks or just to contribute some compensation so that I may continue writing and publishing with as much time as I can afford — please consider becoming a patron.

​Whatever you think my short stories and novels (when they get published) are worth will be appreciated. The default amount can be changed at checkout on Patreon.

Patron Rewards
  • Full Content Access – Full access to all the locked content on the website, all the short stories and all the future novels. Please login using your Patreon account to access the locked content.
  • Discord Secret Club – Access to a secret section on my Discord server – Fantasy Book Lovers Lounge
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  • My continuing gratitude!
Please Note:
  • You will be charged upfront when you sign up and then the 1st of every month as long as you stay subscribed. This is to prevent grab and dash type situations.
  • Rewards are available to current patrons only. Once a backlog of novels is available, I will give new patrons access to novels over time, one novel a month, for instance.
  • All rights reserved by the author and publisher. I may make locked content freely available for limited time promotions and other marketing efforts. I may publish short stories as part of anthologies.
  • At my discretion, I reserve the right to cancel your subscription in case of misconduct (with a refund for the current month’s subscription.)